Lighting your home:

Okay, many years ago, everybody used to have candles in the cupboard under the sink or under the stairs. There seemed to be a lot of power cuts back then...

If there is a power cut in winter, you won't have any lights in the house. So, unless you want to be going to bed really early you probably want to work out how you're going to light your home.

Candles are a cheap source of light with a very long shelf life, however, these can present you with a significant fire risk. Wind up, LED lanterns are cheap enough nowadays and can be used over and over again. They are also safe for small children which means, if you a have a couple of them, lanterns that is, not children, you can leave one in your childs bedroom as a 'night light'.

Parafin storm lanterns are good as well but they stink and smoke a lot so you may want to consider oil lanterns that take a scented oil. Not only will it provide you with light but make the room smell nice as well. Bonus.