You have your food, how will you cook it?:

This is another easy project to start with. There are many types of camping stoves that are readily available from Amazon and eBay. Again, your budget dictates what sort of set up you're going to get.

However, something you do need to consider is how many things are you going to cook at the same time. So, if you have a jar of sweet and sour sauce and you want to make sweet and sour chicken with rice, you are going to need two stoves (or one stove with a double hob), one for the rice and one for the sweet and sour sauce and chicken. Those of you that have been camping in the past will know about this sort of stuff. Similarly, if you're cooking lunch, you may want one hob with tinned spaghetti for the kids and one for soup for the grown ups. Unless of course you are going to have the same as the kids...

I guess you just need to look at what foods you have bought to store away and work out what you need to prepare them with, without the use of your electric cooker.

Make sure you have enough gas cylinders for your stoves as well! Don't think that your stove you used 4 years ago on your last camping trip is now going to last you for a week of sustained use!