Your water supply:

This is a very easy project to get underway. We live in Yorkshire, Oxenhope in particular, which is rather wet. We have more water than we can shake a stick at! However, is it clean enough to drink? Some, more than likely. Other sources maybe not so good. So, let's have some water facts

After 3 days without water your internal organs begin to shut down and become damaged leading to a very fast death. This makes both short and long term water storage, a very high priority. When you consider our body is about 75% water, you don't need to be a boffin to realise that losing any of that water will effect the rest of your body in various ways.

In fact as little as a 2% loss in the water surrounding our cells will give a result of some 20% drop in your energy levels. That's how important water is for your body! The 'experts' say that we should allow a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per person per day for drinking. I think it is a little too low as there are many additional factors that can effect it.

Okay, so you have a number of options: You can store lots of bottled water, you can have a water supply close to the house and filter it or you can have water near to the house and use sterilisation tables.

It might be worth having a mix of all three but finances dictate of course!